Project Documents

Notice of Intent (PDF)
Notice of Preparation (PDF)
Notification Postcard (PDF)
Fact Sheet (PDF)
SLTP Scoping Report Final (PDF)
UPDATED Alternatives Screening Report (February 2015) (PDF)

Project Maps

SLTP Map 1 (PDF)
SLTP Map 2 (PDF)
SLTP Map 3 (PDF)

Scoping Meeting Materials

Fact Sheet 2 (PDF)
Welcome Poster (PDF)
Proposed Project Poster (PDF)
Project Features Poster (PDF)
Project Map Poster (PDF)
Schedule Poster (PDF)
Resources Poster (PDF)


Newsletter #1, April 2014. (PDF)
Newsletter #2, February 2015. (PDF)
Newsletter #3, August 2015. (PDF)
Newsletter #4, April 2016. (PDF)


Draft EIS-EIR - Main Text (PDF)
Appendices A and B (PDF)
Appendix C Part 1 (PDF)
Appendix C Part 2 (PDF)
Appendices D through I (PDF)

Draft EIS/EIR Public Meeting Materials

Comment Form (PDF)
Public Meeting Transcript – Tracy(PDF)
Public Meeting Transcript – Los Banos(PDF)
Fact Sheet(PDF)
Welcome Poster(PDF)
Proposed Project Poster(PDF)
Project Features Poster(PDF)
Project Map Poster(PDF)
Environmental Analysis Poster(PDF)


Final EIS-EIR Main Text 1 – Cover through Chapter 3(PDF)
Final EIS-EIR Main Text 2 – Chapters 4 through 10(PDF)
Appendices A and B(PDF)
Appendix C1(PDF)
Appendix C2(PDF)
Appendices D through M(PDF)

Draft Conformity Determination

Draft Conformity Determination (EIS/EIR Appendix M)(PDF)

Decision Documents

NEPA Record of Decision (PDF)
CEQA Notice of Determination (PDF)